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How To Disinfect Schools For Disease Prevention

Pacific Sanitizing Disinfection for Schools

Even before the world changed to a new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were a hot spot for diseases. Any location with a larger number of people is bound to be classified as a breeding ground for transmissible illnesses.

It's more of a challenge when you're dealing with an environment centered around younger children. Kids are more susceptible to contracting, carrying, and transmitting germs.

They're also notorious for not following proper procedures for handwashing and other sanitation methods because, well, they're children. This creates the perfect storm for a hotbed of activity that only professional disinfection can resolve, including facilities like schools.

Decontaminate & Disinfection For Commonly Touched Objects and Spaces

Aside from the professional sanitization company you bring in for disinfection and decontamination service, it's critical to stay on top of a disinfection schedule. Wiping down common touch spots and other daily cleaning procedures are still necessary between professional disinfecting services.

Areas that are of the most significant concern for regular disinfection include:

  • Doorknobs & Drawer Pulls
  • Countertops
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Toys
  • Faucets
  • Playground Equipment

Fighting the Battle Against Disease Together

At Pacific Sanitizing, we're always fighting the good fight against the spread of diseases, and the recent Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. We're happy to bring our knowledge and industry expertise to your school and help with professional disinfecting and sanitizing.

We can't always be there when objects or surfaces are contaminated with bodily fluids. It's still up to you to monitor for that type of incident and respond appropriately.

You can count on us for regular service that will help you keep your school clean, disinfected, and decontaminated. For expert service, contact our sanitizing pros for disinfection services today.

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