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Reliable Disinfecting With E-Mist

Interior Disinfection Sanitization

Pacific Sanitizing is proud to be utilizing one of the most revolutionary types of sanitization for our San Jose projects, and that is E-Mist. You might be surprised to hear that absenteeism due to illness has cost American businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity. If we want our businesses, large and small, to stay productive, we need to keep our workers healthy, and a great way to do that is to keep their workspaces healthy, too.

E-Mist is an electrostatic disinfectant method that has recently drawn attention from the COVID-19 outbreak and our country's need to sanitize and disinfect larger spaces more regularly. At Pacific Sanitizing, the leading sanitization and decontamination company in San Jose, we want to ensure that your spaces are as clean as possible to promote the health of your workplace and your employees so they can keep working and your business can keep thriving.

How E-Mist Revolutionizes The Cleaning Industry

Using E-Mist as your business disinfectant method delivers a safer workspace, healthier employees, and lower costs. Compared to more conventional spraying methods that use bottles and wipes, E-Mist sprayers apply a positive charge to the disinfectants that pass through the nozzle, attaching themselves to the negatively charged surfaces and eliminating the germs and bacteria there. This method is faster, covers more area, and cuts down on chemical waste, so you know that your workspace is genuinely safe.

With the new E-Mist backpack system, we can clean larger spaces in less time, saving you money while keeping you healthy. The E-Mist backpack system is the perfect sanitizing solution for schools, offices, transportation methods, and more; anywhere mobility is vital in the cleaning process. It is cordless, powered by a lithium-ion battery that uses smart technology to save power, and holds one gallon of the user's choice of cleaning solutions.

Trust The Sanitizing Professionals At Pacific Sanitizting

Keeping your business running is essential, but so is keeping your workforce healthy. At Pacific Sanitizing, we share this sentiment, which is why we strive to be the best in sanitization and decontamination for the San Jose area. Our goal is to rid any space of bacteria, pathogens, spores, and anything else that might make you or your employees sick. From our E-Mist services to odor control and more, we are the dedicated team you can count on when you need any kind of disinfection and sanitization for your business. Give us a call today if you're ready to learn more about creating a safer, sanitized environment for your business.

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