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Pacific Sanitizing: Monterey's Premier Disinfection and Sanitization Company

Coronavirus sanitization

In Monterey, now, staying safe from pathogens is a more easily obtainable goal. Working with a reputable and established disinfection company is the most effective way to make this possible.

Microbes, viruses, and other contaminants pollute our environment every day - both indoors and out. Without protection, it's like being constantly potentially exposed to a variety of infectious diseases in a variety of ways.

There are ways to lower that risk for your Monterey facility or home, and it starts with our team here at Pacific Sanitizing. Our team prides itself on the quality of work that we do, as well as the fact that we're up to date on the latest technology in the industry.

The world of pathogens and viruses is ever-changing, as the world has recently learned, and that means the methods to combat them must be, as well. We'll always implement the most modern methods and equipment to provide you with sanitization, disinfection, and decontamination.

Why You Need a Professional Sanitization Company

When you're considering your options for fighting the good fight against illnesses like Coronavirus, you have to think beyond the CDC recommendations for personal protection - although those matter too. Wearing disposable gloves and other PPE is essential but won't be enough.

If you want better protection for your facility or home in Monterey, it's time to schedule disinfection and decontamination service from trained, experienced, and well-equipped industry experts.

This is how you get access to:

  • Up-to-Date Methods and Equipment
  • More Thorough Quality of Clean
  • Easy and Regular Scheduling
  • Healthy Environment
  • Fast, Accurate, Time-Saving Techniques

Since most bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants thrive in these environments, proper cleaning will eliminate or at least significantly reduce this.

How SteraMistâ„¢ Works to Your Advantage

At Pacific Sanitizing, we're proud to be able to use SteraMistâ„¢. Once the system has been activated, it works through a cold plasma to release a low-percentage hydrogen peroxide-based solution.

In a sealed-off room, the resulting mist can kill, deactivate, and leave pathogenic organisms invalid. The mist approach is effective because it can gain access to otherwise unreachable areas and surfaces.

It's also a preferred method because it can disinfect without any negative impact on the environment. If you're ready to get the protection and decontamination you need in Monterey, call us today for the best results from a disinfection company.

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