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The Disinfection Company in San Mateo That You Can Trust

Coronavirus sanitization

Pacific Sanitizing is committed to making the world a cleaner place, one facility at a time. Of course, this includes San Mateo and neighboring communities.

As a leading choice for a local disinfection company, it's essential to understand that we take this field of work seriously. The world that we live in has changed, and although sanitary home and work conditions have always been important, we now have a new perspective.

It's now apparent that disinfection and decontamination can literally save lives. Being able to slow the spread of illness and disease is critical for a safer and healthier environment.

Homeowners and facility operators in San Mateo can feel secure about the level of quality sanitation we provide. We've been in this business since before the COVID-19 pandemic and are prepared to offer high-quality services for your surroundings.

Working for Our Health Care Facilities in San Mateo

Imagine being able to know that you're safely and effectively killing over 99% of all known pathogens in your medical facility? Who wouldn't want that for their health care organization in the San Mateo area?

At Pacific Sanitizing, that's the type of service and results we provide as part of our disinfection and decontamination work. What we offer works because of features like:

  • Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Cold Plasma Activation
  • Patented Misting System
  • Fast-Acting System
  • Broad-Spectrum Decontamination

The misting technology is also safe for use on the components of your workspace. This includes electronics, computers, and sensitive equipment.

Plus, our practical approach won't leave behind any residue or noxious fumes. We're able to carry out our services with minimal disruption, if any, and leave you with a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.

The Fight Against Coronavirus

There's no question that sanitization and decontamination are critical in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. We're proud to offer methods that will help with the decontamination, and this helps overall to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Plus, you can rest assured our team members continue to take precautionary measures to meet and exceed CDC guidelines for reducing contamination transmission.

  • Use of Disposable Gloves
  • Wearing Shoe Covers
  • Face Mask or Shield in Place
  • Recommended Handwashing Practices
  • Maintaining Social Distance of 6-feet or More

Help contribute to the fight against the global pandemic with our professional services. The sooner you call our San Mateo Disinfection company (bold), the better off your home or facility will be.

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