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About Pacific Sanitizing: Sanitization and Decontamination Experts


Pacific Sanitizing is proud to supply safe decontamination options for residential and commercial customers in the greater Santa Cruz area. We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions that are effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly to help keep your property free from hazardous microorganisms. Family-owned and operated, we provide a wealth of resources for the residents of Northern California.

Our business is genuine, friendly, professional, and wholly committed to customer satisfaction. We never sell services or give recommendations unless we are sure that they will be beneficial for you.

Pacific Sanitizing is the most qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, capable, and credible company in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas to safely disinfect your residential or commercial property.

Commercial Property Sanitization and Decontamination

Cleaning and sanitizing for medical, educational, and high-tech facilities isn't something to take lightly. Having a reliable sanitization company familiar with the latest technologies and techniques for cleaning is essential for decontamination and better health.

Pacific Sanitizing is committed to superior services and results, whether it's standard sanitization or battling coronavirus conditions. We're here for you and dedicated to helping make the world a healthier place, one facility at a time, and that's why we're a leading sanitization company.

Services That Make a Difference

Disinfecting globally starts by cleaning locally, and that's what we're here to do. As far as a sanitization company goes, we'll be glad to show you the efforts we take to improve your space with a reduction and kill rate of over 99%.

Our goal is to keep your facility running while ensuring it's as sanitized as possible. Call us immediately when you're ready to schedule service with an effective, efficient, and dedicated sanitization company.

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If you are looking for a professional sanitization and decontamination company in the Santa Cruz area, please call us at 408-490-3433 or complete our online request form.